[webkit-dev] JSON.stringify(Date) losts the milliseconds information

Patrick Mueller pmuellr at muellerware.org
Tue Sep 8 05:23:32 PDT 2009

白石俊平 wrote:
> I tried to use the JSON.stringify() for Date object on Safari4 and
> WebKit nightly build(48096), so I got result as follows.
>> JSON.stringify(new Date());
>> 2009-09-07T04:49:43Z
> This result seems that milliseconds information of date is lost.
> For some applications, millis info is important and this behavior may
> be problem.

On the other hand, a while back I remember looking at a number of date 
parsing libraries that clearly weren't going to be able to handle 
milliseconds in RFC 3339 / ISO 8601 formatted dates.

At the time, I recommended for the project I worked on that we never 
generate such dates with the millisecond format.  It wasn't critical 
that we used them, so it was an easy decision for us to discard them.

Patrick Mueller - http://muellerware.org

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