[webkit-dev] WebKit revision number to build number tool

Erik Arvidsson arv at chromium.org
Sun Oct 18 17:02:27 PDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 16:38, Mark Rowe <mrowe at apple.com> wrote:
> It looks like it could be useful, but it has a number of problems that
> would make me wary of relying too heavily on it.
> For starters, the WebCore version is not exposed to web content at all so
> it does not make sense to use WebCore's version number for this.  The WebKit
> version would be a more appropriate number to use.

How is the WebKit version determined? I was told that the WebCore version
was the same.

> It also presents misleading results.  It can report changes as being
> available much later than they actually were, such as in the case of r45979
> which it reports as being fixed in 532.1 when in reality this fix first
> shipped as part of Safari 4.0.3 in WebKit x531.6.  This could pose problems
> if the results of the tool are used for workarounds in situations where the
> fix causes the workaround to not function as expected.

You are correct. This tool only keeps track of when the build number changes
due to changes in
I should add a comment about that in the description.

A worse case is when the tool reports issues as being fixed *earlier* than
> they actually were, as is the case with r45712.  The tool reports this as
> being fixed in 531.5 when in reality that version *does not* contain that
> fix.

How does that happen? 531.5 was set at r45738

> It presumably also doesn't consider the case where changes are later rolled
> out.

Also wroth pointing out.

Thanks for the comments Mark. If you think this tool does more harm than
good I'll take it offline. Hopefully it can be fixed since the question
which WebKit build to check for is something that a lot of js developers are
asking us about.

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