[webkit-dev] Questions to the Android and WebOS team...

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Sun Oct 18 08:00:00 PDT 2009

Hello Android Team, WebOS Team,

I hope you are lurking or can be poked by your friends that read this. I spent 
some of my Friday and Sunday going through the git repository/patch.

I would like to encourage you to put some of your patches up to review as I 
think anyone can benefit from the great work you have done on some areas.

While looking at the Android tree:

 - Please send the alignment fix for WebCore::StringHash::equal
 - Please elaborate on the removal of current->decodedSize() in
 - I didn't look deeper as the history is quite hard to navigate and
   rebasing would be very nice.

While looking at the WebOS patch:

 - Nice change with the JDCT_IFAST for jpeg decoding
 - Nice change to get rid of floating point calculation in RGBA32Buffer
   for pre-multiplied alpha and figuring out the difference of division
   of 256 and 255 for the 0..256 range. Please propose to merge this
- Do you have numbers for your CSSParser change to not go through
   fastMalloc for various sizes of the CSS?
- Did you have problems with pruneLiveResources or why are you
  throwing away the raw CSS text after having parsed it in 

I would like to encourage all of you to file bug reports for these small
changes and flag your patches for review.


PS: Dear Android team, could you please produce a nice and clean patch against 
the base revision of WebKit. The perforce imports, the lack of new ChangeLogs 
make it really tough to figure out what was taken from ToT and what was added 
by Google.

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