[webkit-dev] Different pch file between build-webkit and Visual Studio 2005 IDE

Taeyun Kim zeo at logicplant.com
Sun Oct 11 22:54:24 PDT 2009

I'm trying to compile WebKit (with some modification) using both build-webkit and Visual Studio 2005 IDE.
When I'm modifying the code the IDE is convenient, while on rebuilding build-webkit script is faster (for it's multiprocessor feature).

But they generate different .pch file when compiling WebCore.

And in a few case build-webkit fails to compile while IDE succeeds.
In a case, the error message was 'error C3861: 'GdiAlphaBlend': no such identifier' (the original message was in Korean, so I translated it; so the exact message in English may somewhat different) Apparently GdiAlphaBlend is not getting defined. But IDE compiles it successfully - only if I recompile WebCorePrefix.cpp which (re)generates the .pch file.
(BTW, GdiAlphaBlend isn't in the original WebCore code. it's in my modification.)

My description is somewhat vague, but I'll be happy if I get some hint for this...

Thanks in advance.

Taeyun Kim

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