[webkit-dev] FrameLoader status update

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Sat Oct 10 02:46:32 PDT 2009

If you're not interested in FrameLoader machinations, you can ignore this email.

I'm nearing the end of Phase 1 of refactoring FrameLoader (separation
of concerns).  So far, I've removed 23% of FrameLoader.cpp by removing
code that had very little to do with loading frames.  I might pull out
one or two more objects, but I think we're reaching the point of
diminishing returns.  I'd like to further decouple some of the
extracted objects from FrameLoader, but I'm going to postpone that for
a bit to get started on Phase 2.  In Phase 2, I'm going to try to
convert most of the 25 Boolean flags into an explicit state machine.
I'm not entirely sure how this will work yet, but I hope to figure
that out by studying the flags.

Thanks for your patience and reviews.


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