[webkit-dev] How does Zooming Work?

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Wed Oct 7 14:37:53 PDT 2009

After chatting with David Hyatt, the answer seems to be, in my
own words, "smack your fingers with a ruler."  My current layout()
method leaves with the RenderMathRow instance and some of
its descendants needing layout.  That's a violation of the API
contract for layout().

I should make sure I don't need layout at the end by adding:


That would have caused my current implementation to fail to do what
I wanted.

The simple fix for me is to call RenderBlock::layout() again within
the context of my method.  If that causes other problems, I'll have to
deal with those problems individually.

For now, that fixes my problems with zoom.

--Alex Milowski
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