[webkit-dev] Review Queue

Zoltan Herczeg zherczeg at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu May 21 23:43:12 PDT 2009


> If a bug totally stalls, and is sitting in the bug database untouched,
> I view that as the responsible reviewers' implicit rejection of the
> bug. I, as a responsible reviewer, am simply making explicit that
> implicit rejection. Personally, I'd rather get a "closed" on my bugs
> than have them sit ignored for multiple weeks at a time.

I agree that some patches become invalid after some time, and they should
be closed by the person who reported it. But what should we do if we want
to keep a patch alive? Shall we post "ping" messages to the bug report? I
know everybody has work to do, and it is impolite to spam the developer
mailing list with "I want a review" messages every day just to keep a
patch alive.

My suggestion:
After two weeks, a rewiever should post an "Is it still valid?" message to
the bug report. If there is no answer within a week to this question, I
think it is ok to deny that patch.


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