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Nevo sakur.deagod at gmail.com
Wed May 20 01:17:36 PDT 2009

hmmm, im looking for those docs a couple of months ago, no good though. You
may want to take a look at WebKit/Gtk wiki notes and also, you may search
out the webkit mailinglist on some related topics in which you may find out
the ideas. Actually, the webkit code looks decent to understand ,at least
for a arthitecture overview, compared with mozilla huge source . Have fun :)

2009/5/20 守富 骆 <luoshoufu at yahoo.com.cn>

>  Hi everyone,
> I'm newer for Webkit. I'm interested in WebKit, and if _possible_, I intend
> to port it to our own OS (Not Linux but like Linux, at very beginning, it is
> ported from FreeBSD, and it has its own window system, not X11 etc).
> And now, to have a big picture in my mind, I'm trying to search some
> documents for WebKit architecture, however, I can not find what I want in
> the website for WebKit. What I want is documents or related for architecture
> design, brief description for each directory in source tree, or HOWTO port.
> Anyone can give suggestion? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
> Your friend,
> Sean
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