[webkit-dev] WebKit custom memory allocation control

Javed Rabbani jrabbani at gmail.com
Wed May 13 04:08:13 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I am facing issues regarding custom memory allocation control in WebKit. I
noticed that on April 8, 2009, WebKit/JavaScriptCore/WTF has a new file
addition. The newly added file is “fastAllocBase.h” as a result of changes
proposed by Paul Pedriana. However, it seems that the proposed changes have
not been fully incorporated in WebKit due to required level of effort.

I have been facing similar problems with memory allocations with WebKit
where there are number of overloaded new operators provided by different
classes. I just wanted to know whether it is possible that all the memory
allocation calls inside WebKit be routed to user-defined allocation
routines. Same should be the case with memory deallocations.

I am concerned about control over memory allocations as I am trying to use
WebKit on an embedded platform where memory resources are limited and hence
the consumption has to be very closely monitored. The WTF STL container
classes like Vector, HashSet etc. misbehave as they attempt to allocate
memory at runtime through "new" and that new maps to compiler heap memory
allocation functions which becomes a problem on embedded platforms. Thanks.


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