[webkit-dev] glib bindings

Gustavo Noronha gns at gnome.org
Mon May 11 16:33:56 PDT 2009

Why did you break the thread?

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 14:19 -0700, Jerry Spicklemire wrote:
> When you say, "you'll have to wait a bit more", I would 
> like to take that as an encouraging sign, but I don't have 
> any point of reference. Roughly how long is "a bit more", 
> in Webkit?
> I can get started with the existing Deb downloads, but 
> by the time I have to start delivering a cross platform 
> version, it will be too late to switch horses.
> Thanks again,
> Jerry S.

This needs to happen:


Someone will need to step up and carry on the work by following Sam
Weinig's advice, and doing a smaller initial patch.

See you,

Gustavo Noronha <gns at gnome.org>
GNOME contributor

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