[webkit-dev] Where should design descussions take place? (WAS: Bug 25436: Refactor appCache for use in multi-process browsers)

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sat May 2 15:55:03 PDT 2009

On May 1, 2009, at 1:15 PM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:

> For context, the discussion started here: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25436
> Alexey Proskuryakov said:
> >>> Maybe it would make sense to discuss this on the mailing list in
> >>> order to determine whether this should be a model for other  
> projects
> >>> potentially using WebKit in multi-process configuration.
> I said:
> >> As for your comment about using the mailing list, this is  
> somewhat ironic since
> >> we've been told that it's much more helpful to have these kinds  
> of discussions
> >> in bugs rather than the mailing list.  :-)
> Alexey Proskuryakov said:
> > I imagine this was probably said about a discussion of some  
> particular bug, not
> > of a general design issue.
> We were actually talking about design discussions like this one.   
> The original context was my email on how to make localStorage multi- 
> process aware.  Where we discuss designs doesn't matter to me, but I  
> would like to reach a consensus on the subject.

Design discussions about new features with broad impact should be on  
the mailing list. These are things that the community should be aware  
of and that many may wish to comment on. Discussions about the details  
of fixing specific bugs should be in the bug. I realize there may be a  
fine line at times.

Personally I prefer to have technical discussion on the webkit-dev  
list, unless it is of extremely narrow interest. I would prefer to see  
this list used for discussion of design issues in WebKit, instead of  
requests for help building or using the API or adding non-public  


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