[webkit-dev] How to cross compile gperf, bison, libicu, libxslt for ARM on Linux?

Gabor Loki loki at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue Mar 31 06:24:33 PDT 2009

jagadeesh k wrote:
>     I am Cross compiling webKitGTK+ port for ARM on Linux.
> Before that i need to setup cross compilation
> toolchain(GTK+,gperf,bison,libicu,libxslt,flex,sqlite,libcurl).So i Want
> to know the commands for cross compiling gperf,bison,libicu,libxslt
> packages for ARM.

Hi Jagadeesh,

You should check Scratchbox at http://www.scratchbox.org/ which
is a cross-compilation toolkit.

If you are looking for complete packages, check Maemo or Maemo SDK+
http://maemo.org or http://maemo-sdk.garage.maemo.org


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