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Chen Kwan-MGIA0013 kwanchen at motorola.com
Wed Mar 11 09:40:43 PDT 2009

Thanks Darin. A follow-up question: Will the QuickTime plug-ins
developed over Windows work the same for iPhone (other than the fact
that it needs to be ported to using Objective-C)? 


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On Mar 10, 2009, at 1:26 PM, Chen Kwan-MGIA0013 wrote:

> I'm new to WebKit. I'm trying to understand how video/audio codec's 
> can be incorporated or plugged into the platform but didn't have much 
> success. I wonder if anyone can answer my questions and/or provide the

> pointers for detail info.

The video and audio elements use back ends called media engines,
represented by the MediaPlayer class. At the moment, there are
implementations of media player for the Mac OS X QuickTime QTKit
framework, the GStreamer system for GTK, QuickTime on Windows, Phonon
for Qt, and a media player interface specific to Chromium. Each of these
media systems has its own system for managing codecs.

     -- Darin

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