[webkit-dev] WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1 released

Christian Dywan christian at twotoasts.de
Sun Mar 1 10:06:40 PST 2009


in the past months the activity of WebKitGTK+ has been increasing
greatly and we are really coming nearer to a real good tool here. So I
proudly announce the release of WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1.


md5sum: d3a5d7233beab310e9d3e5568fae49a1

For the moment Gustavo is kindly providing space to host the tarball
while we are working on a website and space to use in the future. We
also plan to release more often from now on, with the next release
coming right in time for GNOME 2.26.

The NEWS file for this release:

WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1

What's new in WebKitGTK+ 1.1.1?

  - ABI compatibility with 1.0.3 was broken, so you will need to
    recompile your application against 1.1.1
  - Support for the CURL backend was dropped, libsoup is the only HTTP
    backend now.
  - webkit_get_default_session, to get the SoupSession used internally
    by WebKit.
  - 'create-web-view' signal, emitted when the creation of a new
    window is requested.
  - 'navigation-policy-decision-requested' signal, emitted when a
    navigation to another page is requested.
  - 'mime-type-policy-decision-requested' signal, emitted each time
    WebKit is about to show a URI with a given MIME type.
  - Support for the Web Inspector
    (see http://webkit.org/blog/197/web-inspector-redesign/)
  - HTTP authentication support, with optional gnome-keyring storage.
  - New load functions: webkit_web_view_open, webkit_web_view_load_uri
    and webkit_web_view_load_request. The old
    webkit_web_view_load_string and webkit_web_view_load_html_string
    are now deprecated.
  - webkit_web_view_reload_bypass_cache
  - webkit_web_view_{get,set}_custom_encoding, to override the
    encoding of the current page.
  - Improved stability and lots of bugfixes.

So fetch the tarball now!

    on behalf of the WebKitGTK+ team

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