[webkit-dev] VS2005 debugger complains that webkit.pdb does not match with webkit.dll

张雷 zhang.lei at kortide.com.cn
Fri Jun 19 19:45:02 PDT 2009

Hey, dear friends. I succeeded building WebKit from within VS2005 IDE 
with your helps. But I encountered another problem: when I was debugging 
with webkit.dll, no symbols for that dll was loaded and the debugger 
complained that no proper PDB found for webkit.dll, though webkit.pdb 
was placed exactly in the same folder with webkit.dll. I tried manually 
specifying the webkit.pdb file for the webkt.dll. But the compiler 
refused the pdb file for mismatch.

My platform and compliler tools are:
WinXP with sp3
Visual Studio 2005 Professional with sp1

I followed exactyly what the building instructions says and set 
WEBKITOUTPUTDIR and WEBKITLIBRARIESDIR and did no change to any build 

Did you ever enconter this problem before and how did you fix it? Many 
thanks for any help :)

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