[webkit-dev] Review states

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Wed Jun 17 00:41:47 PDT 2009

(Maciej and I chatted about this briefly over IRC a while back.)

I think we need a new r+ state.  Or at least we need more than just r=?, r-, r+.

Why?  Currently r+ means at least 3 things:
1.  Ready to commit if you make some mods and re-post [non-committers]
2.  Ready to commit if you make some mods when you land [committers]
3.  Ready to commit as-is.

I have written a script to handle case 3:
But currently I can't just point it at the commit queue and hit "go"
because there are are r+'d patches which are cases 1 or 2.

I propose altering our bugzilla setup to have the following review
states (effectively adding a 4th state):


I also think making our states have real english names will help new
people to the project.

I could easily make my script download, build, test and commit
everything which was "APPROVED".  I could even teach it that "similar"
patches following an "APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS" patch could be
committed.  I'm hoping to automate more of our process.

I'm very interested in others thoughts on this matter.


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