[webkit-dev] gdom_x_path_evaluator_create_ns_resolver [was: webkit #16401]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jun 8 10:33:31 PDT 2009

> from a random google search, leading to this:
>  http://www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.phtml/aid/34022
>  a code snippet is this:
>  // test with no prefix doesn't find nodes:
>  var xpathResult = xmlDocument.evaluate(
>   "//element",
>   xmlDocument,
>   null,
>   null
>  );
>  showing that yes, it should be possible to pass in NULL as that last argument.
>  hmmm, ok, gimme 1 sec, i'll just update CodeGeneratorGObject.pm so it
>  can accept NULL arguments and pass them on...

 ok - try a git pull from http://github.org/lkcl/webkit/16401.master -
i've disabled the g_return_val_if_fail() macros so that NULL can be
passed in to all arguments - if you get a segfault somewhere in WebKit
"core" code, you know you shouldn't have passed in one of the
arguments as NULL :)

 try this:
  res = gdom_document_evaluate(doc, exp, GDOM_NODE(body), resolver, 0, NULL);
 or even this:
  res = gdom_document_evaluate(doc, exp, NULL, resolver, 0, NULL);


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