[webkit-dev] incompatibility between DOM spec (IDL) and c-based (gobject) language bindings

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Thu Jul 23 19:27:23 PDT 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 18:31:32 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> i trust that this comprehensive answer illustrates to you that it was,
> although extremely quick, not without sound reasons that i chose to
> raise this matter on the lists, and i trust that you will in future do
> myself and others on this list the courtesy of not make it necessary
> for me to spend considerable time explaining and justifying my actions
> and decisions.

Okay, it is the n-th time you will receive a mail like this, from n different 
people. This might indicate that it has to do something with you and not the n 
people sending you such kind of mail.

webkit.org is no poetry club, keep your mails short. You could have answered 
the mail in two sentences instead you are watering your message with useless 
information to a point nobody even cares to read it.


Example below:

maciej's: Point was: Normally we respond to comments in a bug in the bug 

you could have said: Well, in this case I believe it is important to have a 
broader audience...

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