[webkit-dev] Documentation for attributes in IDL files

Drew Wilson atwilson at google.com
Fri Jul 17 15:23:48 PDT 2009

Hi all,
Over the last couple of weeks I've run into some snags with my refactoring
of the Worker code, most of them caused by a lack of understanding of how
the various interface attributes in the IDL files worked. For example, the
innocuous-sounding NoStaticTables attribute really means "If you omit this
on a class visible to Worker code, then only the first Worker ever created
will be able to lookup properties on this class". On the bright side, I have
a much better idea of how JSC prototype lookups work now that I've stepped
through the code to debug this :)

Anyhow, I've added a page to the wiki which attempts to document a
(currently very small) subset of our supported IDL attributes:


Feel free to correct any misinformation on that page, or to add
documentation for the many attributes I've omitted. Hopefully this will save
other people some time getting up to speed in the future.

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