[webkit-dev] ExecState::thisObject()

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Mon Jul 13 14:28:26 PDT 2009

>> I discussed this a bit with Darin and Geoff, and we came to the  
>> conclusion
>> that the correct fix is to have each JS DOMObject store a  
>> JSGlobalObject
>> pointer and augment the toJS methods to pass a global object  
>> instead of an
>> ExecState (close to you #1).
> There are classes in JavaScriptCore with mutable prototype chains
> which will not be covered by this fix, no?

After the engine properly constructs an object with the correct  
prototype, the author can change that prototype, yes.

But I don't think that invalidates our strategy for property  
constructing objects with the correct prototype.


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