[webkit-dev] Getting more buildbots green

Joe Mason joe at staikos.net
Mon Jan 5 09:54:42 PST 2009

Zan Dobersek wrote:
> Joe Mason wrote:
>> Maybe the automated regression should run with --random to be sure 
>> that dependencies between tests are shaken out.  On the other hand, 
>> you really want your regression to be deterministic - maybe a second 
>> run with --random scheduled once a week or so?
> While this, ignoring how random randomness can get, is possible, we 
> probably wouldn't see constant failures or successes. It would be wise 
> to solve this in WebKit itself, as similar problems could also appear 
> in real-life usage.
I didn't mean that to be a fix for this problem, I meant that it would 
be a way to catch problems caused by people writing bad tests (with 
improper setup/teardown) in the future.


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