[webkit-dev] Getting more buildbots green

Joe Mason joe at staikos.net
Mon Jan 5 07:12:12 PST 2009

David Kilzer wrote:
> > To me it seems like the result of some tests have impact on the others.
> This usually indicates some state isn't being reset (in DumpRenderTree 
> or in WebKit) between tests for the GTK+ port.  Individual test 
> results should not rely on running previous tests.  (The --random and 
> --reverse flags on run-webkit-tests stress these conditions.  I don't 
> think anyone has tried running the tests with these flags recently, 
> though.)
Maybe the automated regression should run with --random to be sure that 
dependencies between tests are shaken out.  On the other hand, you 
really want your regression to be deterministic - maybe a second run 
with --random scheduled once a week or so?


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