[webkit-dev] CSS Animations and SVG

Dean Jackson dino at apple.com
Thu Feb 26 12:37:45 PST 2009

On 27/02/2009, at 2:57 AM, Harry Underwood wrote:

> Do the CSS Animations, Transitions, Transforms and Transforms 3D  
> modules that are being proposed by Apple and currently included in  
> WebKit inclusive of the SVG spec, or is it exclusive to interaction  
> with xHTML as far as stylesheet-markup interaction is concerned? And  
> is the status quo subject to change in this regard?

We have plans to allow transitions on SVG properties:


I predict that bug will probably get Animations working at the same  
time (in the engine there isn't a huge difference).

Of course that will only work for SVG's style properties, not the  
attributes (like cx/cy for the positioning of a circle).

Transforms and 3D Transforms were written to be as compatible with SVG  
as possible. 2D transforms could reasonably apply to SVG (except the  
SVG specification says transform is an attribute, not a property). 3D  
transforms are slightly trickier because they could change the SVG  
rendering model for drawing order. The SVG WG at W3C are currently  
looking into this - we hope they come up with something that is  
compatible with what we have proposed.

> I wanted to ask this because, if CSS Animations could be combined  
> with SVG markup, it would really change the definition of web  
> animation from something that is best left scripted to something  
> that could be styled.

SVG can also use SMIL for declarative animation, so you don't have to  
always resort to scripting. Some of that is already implemented in  
WebKit. Hopefully we can combine/sync the two animation systems  
sometime soon. That would need to be specified (eg which animation  
wins? this is what the SVG list response was getting at).


> Plus, for those WYSIWYG HTML editors which may come to support this  
> module given the success of WebKit's propogation, it would mean that  
> people could create animations on their web pages using HTML editor 
> +Inkscape, rather than HTML editor+Ikivo Animator (in other words,  
> less need for shareware to do this job).
> I asked about this on the SVG Developers mailing list, but one of  
> the more frequent denizens stated that he and others on the list  
> felt that the draft was too underdefined to tell about interactions  
> between SVG and CSS Animations. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.text.xml.svg.devel/45508
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