[webkit-dev] License question (BSD and LGPL) for modified WebKit

jsuteaka at excite.co.jp jsuteaka at excite.co.jp
Mon Feb 23 01:39:07 PST 2009

Hello list,

I have a question about the WebKit license terms when building and distributing an app that uses it with modification.

What I'd like to do is to build an app based on Chromium-derived source code with some modification by me and distribute it on the web in the binary form. Since my particular situation is not Chromium-specific but a generic one for WebKit, I post it here.

Browsing the source code, I noticed the WebKit part is a mix of Apple's BSD license and LGPL. To add my modification, it seems I have to modify LGPL parts. In addition to them, I plan to modify Apple-licensed portions and Google-licensed portions both of which are under BSD-like terms.

So my questions are

(1) Do I have to publish all WebKit-related source codes including non-LGPL parts (files with Apple license terms in their beginning) that are modified to build and distribute my app in the binary form? Or can I publish only changes added to the LGPL files in WebKit?

(2) Do I have to distribute the entire WebKit source tree even though I modified only a small part of it? Is patch distribution enough?

(3) Which section of LGPL should I refer to for my app? I think section 6 and 7 are relevant. Section 6 seems to refer to my app that uses WebKit, and section 7 seems to refer to the WebKit situation where BSD / LGPL source codes are mixed in the same library. But section 7 mentions nothing about source code distribution of combined libraries.

Thanks in advance

-- Jesse

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