[webkit-dev] Error Handling in webkit

Nitin Walke nitwalke at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 05:02:02 PST 2009

    Finally I can get errorcode in gtkapplication.Thanks for your
I have emitted a GTK signal (error-load-page) in the
FrameLoaderClientGtk::shouldFallBack method
and handled it in gtkapplication.
    Here I can get errorcode but errorcode are not matching with standard
errorcode.For wrong url ie HTTP error it give errorcode '6' but standard
errorcode is '404',
for security exception it gives errorcode is '60'.If network is not
available then errorcode is '7'.
How can I do mapping this errorcode with standard errorcode?How can I give
proper errormessage on browser using this errorcode?

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