[webkit-dev] Queries on bug ID-13543

sharvani pendlikal sharvani.bugzilla at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 03:14:14 PST 2009

I am analysing the bug ID - *13543: javascript: links don't honor* *the
target attribute.*
My observations are as follows,

1)In the API FrameLoader::urlSelected() I found that the case when there is
a target attribute along with javascript, target is ignored.
 Here if the link is javascript then the script is executed and the control
returns without considering the target attribute.The target attribute is
considered only if its not a javascript.
 I tried the following,
 1) Execute the javascript directly if the target is empty.
 2) If the target is not empty then load the form and then execute the
script in the new form.

Now the safari is failing to load the URL on the target while doing navigation
policy check.

* if* (SUCCEEDED(policyDelegate->decidePolicyForNavigationAction(d->webView,
actionInformation.get(), urlRequest.get(), *this*,

If I skip this policy check and directly execute the script from frameloader
then it works fine.Bug gets resolved.

Please let me know why this policy check is needed and how do I proceed with
the bug?

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