[webkit-dev] Queries on Bug: 23310

Vikram Hegde vhegde94 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 23:24:08 PST 2009


Ya i got to know changing kurl wont help.
actually i tried one more fix which is working wer in i am modifying the base url in document.cpp,which gives the input to kurl the referring url as "about::blank" which causes the kurl to load an empty page, so once i update the base url in document to the actual url, the bug is not seen.

Kindly let me know any issues in the above approach.


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I don't think modifying KURL to parse JavaScript syntax is the correct approach.

I have a fix for this in my local tree.  I will try to post a patch for it today for review.


From: Vikram Hegde <vhegde94 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [webkit-dev] Queries on Bug: 23310

Hi ,

The Bug 23310 is Setting an absolute path (/abs) on an <iframe> with no src doesn't resolve the URL properly.

So I have analysed the bug,and here are my comments.Kindly let me know i m on the right track of solving the bug.


The kurl.cpp is the actual place where the url gets resolved and is being parsed.So the parameter for the init function in kurl.cpp should have the complete format i.e. javascript:document.location.replace('/') instead the parameter which is being parsed contains only /.This is the reason why the parsing of the url is not done properly and invalidate function gets called which redirects the page to reflect nothing.

In short i think the scr which the kurl should parse should be the entire string (javascript:document.location.replace('/') ) . This is the reason i feel the parsing of url is not done propely.

Kindly suggest whether i m in the right track or not and the possible solutions for the problem.

Thanks & Regards,

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