[webkit-dev] Question about Heap::markConservatively.

pattin.shieh xytsoft at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 22:31:12 PST 2009

I port webkit on linux-arm system. I meet a problem, when frame close,
javascript need close and handle Garbage Collecation, the application will
crash in Heap::markConservatively. I had read the code, and trace it.
Following is my question :
a. Why does Heap class scan thread stack memory to find the object and then
mark it? Why not directly use primaryHeap.blocks and numberHeap.blocks to
access all object? I trace it in win32 , it is no effect on find the object
to mark.

b. Cound somebody tell me the crash reason about?  I think maybe program
access non-align(4bytes) memory address?

more info:PLATFORM(UNIX) is set.

Appreciate very much if you would help me!

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