[webkit-dev] Introducing the Chromium Build Bots

Yaar Schnitman yaar at chromium.org
Thu Dec 17 14:16:33 PST 2009


We have recently set up 3 new builds bots at build.webkit.org:
Chromium-Win-Release, Chromium-Mac-Release & Chromium-Linux-Release. These
bots build the Chromium Webkit Port <http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/Chromium>.
They don't run layout tests yet, but will in the future. These bots should
be used to detect if your webkit commit broke the chromium build, so you can
fix it like you'd do with any other port.

The Chromium Port's underlying build procedure is very similar to webkit's:
*update-webkit --chromium* and *build-webkit --chromium*. These commands
should work on a standard checkout of webkit on Mac, Linux or Windows and
won't interfere with any other webkit port using the same checkout.

The following contributors should be able to help you with hands-on
assistance for build-bot boost-age: yaar at chromium.org, dglazkov at chromium.org,
eric at webkit.org, levin at chromium.org. Please email them or find them on

Feel free to let us know if there is anything we can improve to make the
this collaboration seamless and productive.

Best regards,
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