[webkit-dev] questions re: patch length

Chris Jerdonek chris.jerdonek at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 19:22:39 PST 2009

I have a few questions related to patch length:

(1) Do reviewers take patch length into account when considering
whether to review a patch?  This is useful to know for those who would
rather have a short patch reviewed more quickly than wait longer for a
longer patch to be reviewed.

(2) If reviewers do take patch length into account, what's the best
way to handle trivial changes that might inflate patch length (for
example moving a large chunk of code or adding an image) -- should
such changes be submitted separately?

(3) Finally, in people's experience, what is the "sweet spot" for
patch length?  (There is an optimization problem here somewhere.)

I can add helpful info from responses to the web site where appropriate.


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