[webkit-dev] I *HATE* CHANGELOGS!!!

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Fri Aug 28 14:28:50 PDT 2009

> "I can imagine a discipline where we ensure that pending commit  
> entries sit in a designated file in your tree, are made by a tool  
> much like prepare-ChangeLog, are included in patches by svn-create- 
> patch, are applied by svn-apply-patch, and are used by commit-log- 
> editor. That would ensure the entries go through the patch life  
> cycle just as much as currently."
> Slightly more concrete. prepare-ChangeLog is modified to create a  
> ".changelog" file in the root of your checkout. Then svn-create- 
> patch, svn-apply-patch and commit-log-editor all use the .changelog  
> file to prepend your change description to the actual ChangeLog file  
> before doing their thing.

I don't think Maciej was proposing prepending the contents of your  
proposed .changelog to an actual ChangeLog file. I think he was  

* prepare-ChangeLog creates (or overwrites, if existing) a .changelog  
file describing your change
* You modify .changelog to add informative notes
* svn-create-patch includes .changelog in the patch it outputs, even  
though it is not in the version control system
* svn-apply and svn-unapply honor changes to .changelog, but never  
"svn add" it to the version control system
* commit-log-editor pastes .changelog into the top of your commit  
message (or you can do so manually if commit-log-editor is not set up  
on your system)

> Does anyone actually have any objections to Maciej's proposal?

I have only one [relatively minor] objection: I can't return to using  
svn-create-patch until https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28623  
is fixed.

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