[webkit-dev] LayoutTest results choose from which folder?

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Sun Aug 23 11:28:37 PDT 2009

> Hi Chris,
> In layout test results, we make the latest Mac OS X version the rule, and
> earlier versions the exception. Tiger will look for results in mac-tiger
> first, then in mac-leopard, then in mac-snowleopard, then in mac, then
> finally in cross-platform results. Leopard will begin the search in
> mac-leopard, continue to mac-snowleopard, then mac, the cross-platform.
> As you can see, there are no expected results in mac-snowleopard (other than
> the ones you just added), because it’s the latest Mac OS X version. We will
> only start putting expected results in mac-snowleopard when the “latest”
> version (for which we put results in mac) will be something different.
> You should put the expected results for Snow Leopard in platform/mac (or, if
> they are cross-platform, alongside the test), and you should put the results
> for Leopard and earlier in platform/mac-leopard.
> —Dan

Does this imply that if you've moved results from 'platform/mac' to
'platform/mac-leopard' when you switched from 10.5 to 10.6? (Since,
presumable, some results that were in platform/mac were actually
specific to 10.5?)

I would've expected a different model, where if the output differed by
version, then you had results in 'mac-leopard' and 'mac-snowleopard',
and the presence in 'mac' meant it should be the same across both
(this was the approach I was planning to use for Chromium, which is
just starting to run into this problem with XP/Vista/Win 7). I can see
some advantages to your approach, but it seems more confusing in the
long run.

-- Dirk

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