[webkit-dev] JSC without Dependencies

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Mon Aug 17 09:19:36 PDT 2009

My interest in WebKit is integrating my game engine with JSC.  I'm far 
enough into the switch over that I've begun looking at compiling it on 
my own.  My goal -- which might be a fools errand -- is to create a 
win32 VS compile without dependencies.  I don't know if this is 
something that I could give back to the project or if it's at cross 
purposes with the project.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for VS users (like it is for 
XCode users): download, hit compile, and go.  Any thoughts on this?

A couple steps:

1) Use relative paths to remove the need for WEBKITLIBRARIESDIR and 
WEBKITOUTPUTDIR -- this can be especially problemantic if you pull the 
nightly builds as their top directory name changes.

2) Remove the need for external libraries, where possible.  The 
dependent libraries are:

CFLite (can be done with a switch, based on previous emails)
icu*** (might not be possible, google says these are unicode tools)
pthreadVC2 (based on previous email should not be needed)

3) Compile all within VS (no makes or external calls) to eliminate any 
additional dependencies on other tools

Also, has anybody started anything like this, or is it so outside the 
scope it won't be useful to anybody but me?  Or is it just something 
that will be impossible to untangle?

After this I thought about possibly contributing some useful convenience 
functions, like JSValueIsArray, JSValueMakeArray, etc.

[>] Brian

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