[webkit-dev] about hashmap staticDOMObjects

ZHOU Xiao-bo zhxb.ustc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 00:27:15 PDT 2009

hi all:
     I still don't understand the purpose of the HashMap:

static DOMObjectMap& domObjects()
    // Don't use malloc here. Calling malloc from a mark function can
    static DOMObjectMap staticDOMObjects;
    return staticDOMObjects;

what kind of DOMObjects should be stored in it? And why?
I searched the source codes and I found that these classes below will do

Document, Event, HTMLCollection, XMLHttpRequest, CanvasGradient,
CanvasPattern, CanvasRenderingContext2D, DOMCoreException,
DOMImplementation, DOMParser, EventException, History, NamedNodeMap,
NodeFilter, NodeIterator, NodeList, Range, RangeException, TreeWalker,
XMLHttpRequestException, XMLSerializer, Clipboard

but what's the reason? Is it because these classes are essentially simple
and just acting as a tool?

thanks a lot
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