[webkit-dev] want to port JIT to MIPS - cti_op_mod(STUB_ARGS) seg fault

x yz lastguy at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 17:31:15 PDT 2009

I use MIPS32EL, VA_LIST call, MIPS pushes function argument from left to right. I wrote a simple VA_LIST test it works on my box.

BEGIN_STUB_FUNCTION() cause seg fault due to MIPS uses gp reg to read sth.
I treied to rewrite the code like that:
JSObject* JITStubs::cti_op_new_func_exp(STUB_ARGS)
    va_list vl_args; 
    va_start(vl_args, args);
    StackHack stackHack(&STUB_RETURN_ADDRESS_SLOT);
    JSValuePtr dividendValue = va_arg(vl_args, JSC::JSCell* );
    JSValuePtr divisorValue = va_arg(vl_args, JSC::JSCell* );

Still fail in stackHack(), if I comment out stackHack() then fails at va_arg.

gp is a global register for common/public variables, the same usage before I call cti_op_mod() works fine.

I also tried not use VA_LIST but REGISTER calling convention, still fail:
(gdb) x/2i $at
0x6ab500 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv>:	lui	gp,0xf96
0x6ab504 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+4>:	addiu	gp,gp,9008
(gdb) x/20i $at
0x6ab500 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv>:	lui	gp,0xf96
0x6ab504 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+4>:	addiu	gp,gp,9008
0x6ab508 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+8>:	addu	gp,gp,t9
0x6ab50c <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+12>:	addiu	sp,sp,-80
0x6ab510 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+16>:	sw	ra,72(sp)
0x6ab514 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+20>:	sw	s8,68(sp)
0x6ab518 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+24>:	sw	s0,64(sp)
0x6ab51c <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+28>:	move	s8,sp
0x6ab520 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+32>:	sw	gp,16(sp)
0x6ab524 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+36>:	sw	a0,80(s8)
0x6ab528 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+40>:	lw	v0,80(s8)
0x6ab52c <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+44>:	addiu	v0,v0,-4
0x6ab530 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+48>:	addiu	a0,s8,24
0x6ab534 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+52>:	move	a1,v0
0x6ab538 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+56>:	lw	t9,-19012(gp)
0x6ab53c <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+60>:	jalr	t9
0x6ab540 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+64>:	nop
0x6ab544 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+68>:	lw	gp,16(s8)
0x6ab548 <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+72>:	addiu	v0,s8,32
0x6ab54c <_ZN3JSC8JITStubs10cti_op_modEPPv+76>:	lw	v1,80(s8)
(gdb) stepi 14

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x006ab538 in JSC::JITStubs::cti_op_mod (args=0x2aac9500) at /home/jdai/depot/mp/mediabase/head/libs/webkit-1.1.1/JavaScriptCore/jit/JITStubs.cpp:1685

another question is that there is no matched va_end() and it is a bug.
thanks a lot for help,



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