[webkit-dev] Is it OK to remove Frame::setIsDisconnected() and isDisconnected() ?

Sverrir Á. Berg sverrir at chromium.org
Wed Apr 15 12:48:47 PDT 2009

Working on a change in FrameTree and noticed that the checks in top() and
parent() for 'checkForDisconnectedFrame' rely on a flag in Frame that as far
as I can tell is never set.So my naive question is: Can I remove the
corresponding code from Frame and FrameTree?  If not I would like if
somebody could explain how they are used so I don't break anything with my

More detail:
* My search for calls to Frame::setIsDisconnected reveals no callers in
WebKit, Chromium or Google code search.
* This functionality is disjoint from Frame::disconnectOwnerElement().

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