[webkit-dev] WebKit graphics layer and porting it to other platform and drawing engine

Kruchinkin Kirill kkruchin at yandex.ru
Tue Apr 7 03:04:57 PDT 2009

Hi All!
I plan to port WebKit to 'home' developed mobile platform. As I understand porting layer is here webkit\WebCore\platform, and graphics porting layer is \webkit\WebCore\platform\graphics.
Could you tell me what the goal of drawing engine in WebKit? is it just to draw controls and implementation depends only on platfowm? or there are some dependecies between WebCore and drawing engine?

As I see in graphics folder it was ported to Skia, Cairo. Skia is used in Chromium, Cairo is in Windows port(is it right?)
Why it was not ported to OpenVG, for example, what is an advantage of Skia and Cairo?

If you have any architecture documents of WebKit, porting layer and drawing layer  - it will be very helpfull.

Thank you for your help

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