[webkit-dev] WebKit crashes when using custom scrollbars

Frank Thomsen fth at trifork.com
Thu Apr 2 00:53:28 PDT 2009

Hi all

I have a problem with the Cairo-based windows port and custom scrollbars: when the application closes an exception is thrown in the line
       if (!m_data->hasAnimations())

in the method
void AnimationController::cancelAnimations(RenderObject* renderer)
       if (!m_data->hasAnimations())

       if (m_data->clear(renderer)) {
        Node* node = renderer->node();
        ASSERT(!node || (node->document() && !node->document()->inPageCache()));

In AnimationController.cpp.

The exception is:
Unhandled exception at <some-address> (WebKit.dll) in <myapp.exe>:
0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x000005b8

I am building revision 42150 with the cairo-patch (#28910, bug report https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17484).

Has anyone seen this before and knows what the problem is? I am using the testpage at http://trac.webkit.org/export/41842/trunk/LayoutTests/scrollbars/overflow-scrollbar-combinations.html

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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