[webkit-dev] Maintainer wanted for wkpdf command-line client to WebKit

Christian Plessl christian at plesslweb.ch
Mon Sep 29 11:04:08 PDT 2008

Dear WebKit developers

I'm the developer of a small open-source utility named "wkpdf" which  
is basically a command-line interface to the WebKit framework on Mac  
OS X (see http://wkpdf.plesslweb.ch). The goal of wkdpf is to allow  
rendering HTML to PDF files from the command line. A number of options  
allow for setting the paper format, margins, enable background image  
rendering, etc.

Although any HTML renderer should be able to perform this task, the  
choice of comparable tools is surprisingly small. No browser I know of  
implements a non-interactive command-line rendering mode. There are  
few specialized tools, e.g.,  htmldoc (http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/)  
which converts simple HTML files to PDF, but the feature set of  
htmldoc is very limited. For high-end applications, there is a tool  
named Prince (http://www.princexml.com/) that is quite powerful but  
too expensive for casual or hobbyist use.

In contrast, wkpdf leverages WebKit's excellent rendering capabilities  
and OS X's native PDF support to implement a HTML to PDF rendering  
tool that - thanks to WebKit -  supports the latest CSS standards.  
Given the latest developments in CSS, e.g. pagination or columns,  
wkpdf could be even used for typesetting books written in HTML and CSS.

wkpdf started as a toy project and it is still in its infancy but I  
think such a tool could be really useful for many users and also  
promotes the use of WebKit in non-interactive applications.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to working on wkpdf anymore.

Thus I'm looking for a new maintainer or other ways to keep wkpdf  
alive. For example, I would be happy to contribute the wkpdf sources  
to the WebKit team.

If you think that integration of wkpdf into the WebKit repository is  
useful, or if you would like to be the new maintainer for wkpdf please  
let me know via this mailing list or private email.

Best regards,

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