[webkit-dev] Extreme drop in memory consumption

Istvan Siket siket at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Sep 29 08:17:44 PDT 2008

 Hi All,

We have started to monitor the memory consumption of JavaScriptCore 
under linux (qt port) and we noticed two extreme drops. The first (from 
r36283 to r36285) change hardly effects SunSpider (it used 2.5% less 
memory only) but the gain for V8 is almost 50% and for WindScorpion 
it is 41%. The second (from r36323 to r36325) change increased the 
memory consumption of SunSpider with about 1.4% while the memory 
consumption of V8 decreased with 44% and the memory consumption of 
WindScorpion decreased with 29%. The effect of these two changes 
together is that WindScorpion uses 58% less memory and V8 uses 72% less 
memory (while SunSpider uses almost the same amount of memory).

Is the memory consumption measured in any platform? Have anyone noticed 
this change?


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