[webkit-dev] problem with ChromeClient::createWindow & NewWindow policy

Anton V. Tarasov Anton.Tarasov at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 22 00:56:40 PDT 2008

Thanks, Gustavo. (I also found null URL issue mentioned there. This also interested me.)

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 10:38 +0400, Anton V. Tarasov wrote:
>> A new window is opened by a client via ChromeClient::createWindow callback.
>> There's also a mechanism to check NewWindow policy, implemented
>> as FrameLoaderClient::dispatchDecidePolicyForNewWindowAction.
>> Now, when I'm clicking the first link, ChromeClient::createWindow is not called
>> at all, FrameLoaderClient::dispatchDecidePolicyForNewWindowAction is called.
> In that case, FrameLoaderClient::dispatchCreatePage is called. We have
> had lots of discussions about new window issues for the GTK+ port in bug
> #19130, which may interest you. 
>> Why that difference? How to open new window in the first case, and why policy check
>> is not triggered in the second?
> I'm also interested in the policy check issue, haven't done a lot of
> scouting in that area, though.
> See you,

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