[webkit-dev] JSC and WebKit questions

Zoltan Herczeg zherczeg at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Sep 15 09:18:15 PDT 2008


Our primary goal is to make WebKit better suit for embedded systems. This
involves to make JavaScriptCore faster, and some other plans. Please,
share me your opinions about them:

1) JSC
 - In the embedded system world, the ARM architecture is much more
widespread than x86 architecture. So we would like to implement an ARM
JIT modul into WebKit. Do you have such plans in the future? If so, we
can work together on that project.

 - We are amazed by the results of Mozilla SpiderMonkey, which has been
created from Tamarin Tracing (an Action Script Tracer). We have some
experiences about Tamarin Tracing (and NanoJIT, which is the heart of
Tamarin Tracing), and we may try to implement a tracing jit into the JSC.
The qestion is the same as before: do you plan to do such things?

2) WebKit
 - Memory is a scarce resource in embedded systems, and they more often
runs in out-of-memory condition. Is there any mechanism, which handles
such situations greacefully? (Oh, I see now that Zaheer asked the same
question) If the answer is no, we would like to implement this
functionality into WebKit. Where should we start? How can we do that?

 - Is it possible to give back memory to the system? Freeing WebKit caches
and such things. It is an important thing for embedded devices, taht if
an important task requires memory, we need to kick some lower priority
tasks. However, if some tasks can give back memory, we don't need to kick
them. It greatly increases user experince!


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