[webkit-dev] Qt-webkit versus Qt-gecko - a question for the dooble project?

M. Peterson petersonmaxx at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 11 10:22:41 PDT 2008


this is a question to the webkit, FF and konqueror development list:

We develop the new browser DOOBLE under http://dooble.sf.net

It should be an alterative as well for googles chrome browser.

We currently are planning and tried to get familiar with the Qt port
of Firefox, so the gecko machine used with Qt gui, which is done
already by others.

The qt Port of the browser has its repository here:

New Builds (win/linux) will be ready after a fixing of this bug

We then were asked, why not to use webkit.

We are open for that, but the reason to use the current (planned)
settings is, that we have excellent Qt developers and XUL addon
developers for the project.
And that gecko has a big developer base. So the Qt SVN is still at mozilla.
And: one reason was, that the way to code a browser from chromium to
chrome would be a long or even longer was than to use the often build

Then we were told, that soon there is as well a Qt port for webkit.

So the question to this list is now, as we do not want to saddle on
the wrong horse:

a) how far is the development of webkit, is it already usable and is
it really better than gecko?

b) How far is the developement of Qt version for konqueror?

c) We might switch to Qt webkit konquerer if that is supported by some
developers joining the Dooble Project, is there someone interested?

d) Are there any comparisons between webkit and gecko performance?

e) We want to integrate a XUL XPI addon for Mail and Message, while
maybe message component could be done/used as well in Qt, if done.
Would it be possible to use XUL gui addons (mail) in the konqueror

f) the switch from gecko to konqueror/webkit needs many support from
konqueror, would you be interested in merging the project with a code
base, published unter both brands? or maybe: would it be possible to
make a re-brand of Qt-port for konqueror, to start a new aerea, which
has the name "dooble konqueror" which has then the SVN at dooble, and
the installer published at both places?

g) our idea is simply a brand and a triple-integration:
browser+yacy+retromessenger, would that - besides any cooperation
between dooble and konqueror - as well an concept konquerer could
establish?  (even if dooble uses gecko, we are not busy if this idea
is as well used in konqueror - though then a common project would
synergize our forces).

h) Be sure, that without any personal power, we cannot handle a switch
to webkit, as the current team might get a better handling and support
from firefox gecko. Are there any firefox / qt experts, which want to
support this free open dooble browser?

Thanks for replies, as this allows us to have clear focus on both
technologies and to start an open discussion to build a DOOBLE browser
with strony security and safeguarding users privacy.

Regards Max

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