[webkit-dev] cross-compiling webkit: host amd64-debian-linux, target win32

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Sep 11 09:37:31 PDT 2008

yes, folks, compiling webkit for amd64-debian was so easy that i
decided i needed more pain in my life, so chose to cross-compile
webkit(/gtk) for win32.  before anyone goes into shock and throws
their arms up in agony at these simple words, please bear in mind that
there are at least two other people on #webkit-gtk trying the same
thing :)
here are my notes:
of particular interest to people may be that i believe i have
successfully cross-abortion-compiled a version of icu 3.8.  one of the
issues with icu is that it simply wasn't designed with cross-compiling
in mind.  pkgdata and friends actually auto-generate large amounts of
c code and makefile fragments.  passing in options to target .dll
instead of .so, from the unix-compiled version isn't... an option.  so
i hacked it! the header files included in the tarball mentioned in my
notes is actually the 3.6 includes off of my laptop, with s/3_6/3_8/
in one of the files.  you would do well to _not_ do what i'm doing
(i'll let you know if i _have_ to do it properly, later).
anyone attempting to cross-compile webkit for win32 using mingw32
should avoid the MSVC-compiled versions of icu like the plague.
believe it or not, they actually cause ld to segfault!
several mini patches and bugreports were sent in, a few days ago:
these i will update from the #ifdef WIN32 to #ifdef __MINGW32__ if
someone lets me know a more appropriate way to do that, i'll do it.
what's my justification for doing this much arseing about? i want a
version of webkit-gtk with my shiny new glib patches, to try running
under wine.  oooo :)

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