[webkit-dev] Webkit on Windows

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Wed Oct 22 19:25:35 PDT 2008

> I have searched this list and read the webkit.org documentation, and I
> just can't tell what is really possible. I know that Apple hasn't made
> Webkit generally available for Windows. There seems to be a Windows
> port using Cairo, etc., but there's no information on using it or what
> capabilities it supports. There is a QT port, but it's not clear that
> I can do what I need to do with it. There are others...
> Can anyone clarify this for me? I would really appreciate it.

At least with the Qt port you can use  
QWebPage::acceptnavigationRequest and QNetworkAccessManager (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/qwebpage.html#acceptNavigationRequest 
) to get each url and loading of data from memory (Arora loads some  
pages from qrc for example).  The API could make it easier to do this  
in the future, but I think you can do it today.  If you want to mess  
around with some code checkout Arora's codebase (arora-browser.org).   
The code is small and easy enough to poke around in.  It should give  
you a feeling for what the Qt port can do and if it is good enough.

-Benjamin Meyer

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