[webkit-dev] Webkit on Windows

Rush Manbert rush at manbert.com
Tue Oct 21 10:42:45 PDT 2008


I have a client-side webkit-based app that I have developed on the  
Mac. I render my own HTML and load the display content with the result  
via a custom protocol handler. This requires that I use the  
willSendRequest proxy method to intercept URLs and "do the right  
thing". This can be loading a new page, loading content via an Ajax  
request, changing the language selection, etc. In general, I catch the  
URL, call into my library and let it generate the resulting HTML, and  
replace the original NSURLRequest with a new one that uses my custom  
protocol and carries the HTML string as additional implementation- 
specific data. It works really well. On the Mac.

However, we also need it to work really well on Windows. The  
architecture was designed to facilitate using the native browser  
control on whatever OS platform we run on. That has turned out to be a  
big PITA on Windows, so I'm wondering (again) whether it is feasible  
to use Webkit in our Windows version.

Some limitations:
1) My content must be loaded from memory. We won't write anything to  
2) I can't rely on Safari being installed.
3) I must be able to install a custom protocol handler.
4) I must get a chance to intercept every URL. The best thing would be  
a port that has callbacks just like the Apple implementation, but I'm  
flexible. :-)

I have searched this list and read the webkit.org documentation, and I  
just can't tell what is really possible. I know that Apple hasn't made  
Webkit generally available for Windows. There seems to be a Windows  
port using Cairo, etc., but there's no information on using it or what  
capabilities it supports. There is a QT port, but it's not clear that  
I can do what I need to do with it. There are others...

Can anyone clarify this for me? I would really appreciate it.


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