[webkit-dev] produce a new version of webkit

Luka Napotnik luka.napotnik at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 02:52:17 PDT 2008


To remove any dependency to X you have to create a new port and callback
functions for drag/drop, widgets, mouse functionality, .. and redirect
rendering to a surface that isn't dependent on X (like cairo). I tried
that but it's too complex and I was in a hurry. See the mailing list
archives for May 2008, there was a discussion about porting WebKit to
cairo with no X dependency.


Dne 13.10.2008 (pon) ob 02:43 -0700 je goldeneyes zapisal(a):
> Hi,
> I made changement in the folowing files
> "ChromeClientGtk.h,ContextMenuClientGtk.h, DragClientGtk.h and
> EditorClientGtk.h" because they are used bey "WebKit / WebKit / gtk / webkit
> / webkitwebview.cpp" (I put all lines of code as comments), 
> but when i do . / Programs / GtkLauncher, I got
> "lt-GtkLauncher-report-anomalie.txt"
> and the message error in the terminal "/ usr / libexec / lt-GtkLauncher: No
> such file or directory." 
> That it  means that I have removed all graphic?
> thank you for any help,
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