[webkit-dev] Long-term Google-URL integration plans

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Thu Oct 2 18:11:55 PDT 2008

On Oct 2, 2008, at 5:28 PM, Brett Wilson wrote:

> [moved from the beginning of the message]
>> I'd like to not assume up front that the code used to implement the  
>> URL
>> parsing core will be Google-URL. Maybe Google-URL's code will turn  
>> out to be
>> better, maybe the current KURL implementation will. I'm willing to  
>> keep an
>> open mind about this until we can do some comparisons. Are you also  
>> willing
>> to keep an open mind about which implementation is the basis of a  
>> shared
>> one?
> You should not be accepting this code because you're doing a favor for
> us. You should accept it because you think that there's a good chance
> you will eventually end up with a better URL implementation. If you
> don't think this is the case, please let me know. I would rather spend
> my efforts maintaining a fork of KURL than arguing about why you
> should do something you don't want. I've probably spent only one day
> all year merging KURL, so the status quo will be significantly less
> work for me personally.

It sounds to me like you are saying that you would not be willing to  
consider using the current KURL implementation in Chrome, even it  
turns out to be materially better, and it gets exposed with a low- 
level interface that you could use in non-WebCore pieces of Chrome,  
and ends up free of problematic dependencies or license terms.

Is that a correct interpretation of what you are saying?


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