[webkit-dev] Moving forward with Gtk

lkcl lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Nov 11 09:04:03 PST 2008

Phoenix Revived wrote:
> I am trying to write a browser that uses a remote controller for input. I
> also need the DOM stuff working. If nothing hapens soon, I may have to
> abandon Webkit/Gtk and either use mozilla's crappy API or do my own
> home-brewed stuff. I have also been playing with Jonothan's webkitmmm, but
> without the underlying API in Gtk, that doesn't take me much further
> either.

hi phoenix,

the DOM manipulation - glib bindings - are available as a git repository,
branch-snapshotted from webkit svn from about six weeks ago:


this version i know works.

auto-generating python bindings using codegen.py was a matter of minutes of
work - literally.  i would be terribly surprised if webkitmm bindings took
more than a couple of hours of work.

sadly, no funding has been made available to help advance the webkit-glib
patch #16401, so i am leaving it alone, not having any (financial - direct
by contracting or indirect by work-related project) incentive to actively
work on it.

much as i would like to see webkit-glib advance, the billion-dollar
companies whose profits are increased through the improvement of webkit have
got to learn that spongeing off of unpaid and highly skilled free software
developers is not really acceptable.


p.s. if, however, a truly free software project needs the benefit of
webkit-glib bindings - one that isn't funded by large corporations (google,
adobe, apple, redhat, novell etc.) who can pay for the work - and you're
working on that truly free software project and reading this - please do
contact me, and i will be more than happy to continue.

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