[webkit-dev] Flash not loading

Mugdha Jain MugdhaJain at smarttech.com
Mon Nov 10 11:11:02 PST 2008

Hi there,


I am working on an independent application to play flash files for Mac,
Flash player version 10. I am using Webkit code as a reference, and it
has been really helpful in getting things working so far. Unfortunately
at this point I am stuck with the movie not being loaded. I do create a
new stream and deliver the data to the flash plugin, but for some reason
it is not loading. 


Do I need to send a start message or something similar to get it to
start playing? 


To make sure that I am not making mistake somewhere else, I replaced the
code in Webkit with my code. It works fine, until I replace the code for
creating the stream and sending the content over the stream in the file
WebBaseNetscpaePluginView.mm function loadRequest, with my changes,
which would not create a new WebNetscapePluginStream, but instead send
the contents right then over the stream. This change is not loading the
file. I am still not sure of that extra thing that Webkit is doing to
load the file. 


I would appreciate any help in this direction.


Thanks a lot


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